On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Kelly Worthington.

Kelly Worthington and her husband, Jon Lendvoy bought their farm in the Fall of 2010 just east of Carstairs. Kelly was an avid horse girl with always the desire for breeding and Jon an outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman. Not long into renovations, they decided they wanted to do some grass steers. Like most people, they went to the auction and bought some 600lb steers. They learned quickly that they didn’t know their background, health and parentage. After doing research and wanting to provide their co-workers, family and friends with a healthier beef choice, they found Galloway cattle. Galloways perform outstandingly on grass and with their ability to internally marble, grain was not required.

As their beef program grew, their customers always asked if they did pork. It was never an option as they did not enjoy the mess they always heard pigs made, the rooting, hard to contain in a fenced area and the aggressiveness the adults potentially could have.

In 2015, they found out about a new breed of swine that had arrived in Canada, Kunekune Pigs. They were well known for their gentle demeanour, easy to contain, and the best no rooting. Kelly and Jon knew instantly this pig breed would work with their grass-fed beef.

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