On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Ayla Hill.

Ayla is a 10-year-old farm kid who loves dance, chick days, baby cows and running around her property with friends and her younger brother in tow. Her farm is Snowy River Farms located in Cooks Brook Nova Scotia, where her mom manages the hogs, chickens, gardens and family cow, while her dad works off the farm as a carpenter. The farm was established only two years before she was born so, while this was a new sector for her mom to enter into, it is all Ayla has ever known!

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13:00 – Everyday Life on the Farm as a Farm Kid

15:20 – The Challenges of Farming and Caring for Animals

17:16 – Ayla’s Skills Learned from Farming

21:40 – Gender Roles and Expectations in Farming

24:23 – Ayla’s Message to Young Female Farmers

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