Julia Wells runs The Humble Hive Homestead, a small diverse farm in Central Oklahoma with her husband Kaleb and their two boys. Julia is a Jersey girl turned Okie, who got bit by the farming bug when she moved to Oklahoma and got a few backyard chickens for fresh eggs. Kaleb’s background in FFA, poultry and animal ag helped foster Julia’s interest and teach just about everything there is to know about chickens.They had an opportunity to partner up with another like minded family and began raising broiler chickens and holiday turkeys with them. They recently added 16 heritage pigs to the operation and a small herd of dexter cows that are ornery as all get out. The past two years their farm has grown by leaps and bounds.  Julia loves the opportunity to raise and homeschool her kids on the farm and teach them the important responsibility of being good stewards of the land, the environment and the animals.

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