On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Lisa Miller.

Lisa is the voice behind the two-acre homestead podcast. She was born and raised in the Silicon Valley. The area she grew up in was kind of an interesting mixture; it was part rural and part suburbia. Lisa was raised by two beautiful parents, and her mom has a farming background which played a significant role in her life.

Lisa grew so much of her own food on her property, and she learned a lot about soil health, when to plant and when to harvest. They learned a lot about how to handle her harvest and how to preserve her own food. Lisa learned a lot in Phoenix, too, but Tucson really helped her. Eventually, they moved to this property where they are today on two acres, and it’s their hope to teach other people some of the things that they have learned on the way so that their journey into homesteading doesn’t have to be fraught with some of the mistakes that they have made.

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[08:20] Changing of Careers

[15:14] Expanding Homesteads & Infrastructure

[25:27] Lessons Learned Through the Journey of Homestead

[34:53] All About the Two Acre Homestead Podcast

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