On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Sarah Riedner.

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Sarah Riedner still considers herself a newbie farmer. She and her husband are both first-generation farmers and started officially farming in 2017, although they had been doing urban farming in the backyards of Calgary prior to that. Her farm, Happiness By The Acre, is located just outside of Didsbury, AB on 153 acres of prairie grazing land and riparian areas.

Sarah primarily considers herself the “crazy chicken lady”, although she has also earned titles of “cow whisperer” over the years. Her farm has a mix of livestock including, pastured laying hens, heritage breed Kunekune pigs, grass-fed steers, and free range ducks. During the summer months, the farm also hosts a herd of cattle from their friend’s cow-calf operation.

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This Week’s Discussions:

[14:00] Changes to the Land After Starting Rotational Grazing

[18:10] Sarah’s Learning Resources

[26:30] Building a Community

[32:30] Mental Health Struggles in Agriculture

[42:15] Rapid Fire Questions

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