On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Kylie Gray-Eilers.

Kylie Gray-Eilers is the owner and founder of Gray Girl Farms a 1st generation flower bulb farm in Royal City. A 4th generation farm girl who didn’t have the chance to return to a family farm, Kylie always dreamed about raising her kids in agriculture just like she was. She often speaks on the power of an idea, and the reality of that one idea changing your entire life if you’ll let it. Kylie believes small farms can be profitable, but it takes thinking outside of the box and being willing to try something different.

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[1:50] Kylie’s Journey in Agriculture and Starting Her Own Flower Bulb Farm

[10:00] Starting over as a First-Generation Farmer

[17:58] The Growing Interest in Gardening and Flower Growing During Covid-19

[21:05] How Kylie Has Grown Her Business and Business Model

[36:10] The Importance of Being Open-Minded and Constantly Learning

[45:30] The Most Rewarding Part About Being a Rural Woman

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