On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast you’ll meet Dallas James. Dallas is a farmer which is something that she never thought she’d say. A former professional musician, mom to three and wife to a police officer she was ready for a life change once she hit 40! Born in Europe to Canadian parents, the first 5 years of her life were spent in a small farming village. It meant waking up to the rooster’s crow and having to pause while a flock of sheep crossed the road. Her formative years were quite possibly influencing her future. In the first year of owning the farm, James Family Farm, they have acquired honeybees, laying hens, pastured chickens and their beloved Scottish highland cattle. They believe in treating their animals with love and kindness and have taken a bio dynamic approach. Admittedly they have tons to learn but are loving the challenge each day brings.

For show notes and links mentioned in today’s show, head on over to WildRoseFarmer.com