On this week’s episode week of The Rural Woman Podcast you’ll meet Renee Woods. Renee Woods was born and raised on the East Coast and has always loved animals. She knew she wanted to dedicate her life to caring for them in some capacity. Her first job out of college was a canine reproduction clinic. That’s right, she spent her days making puppies! After a few years in reproduction, Renee transitioned into general mixed animal medicine at a top AAHA Accredited 24 hour Veterinary Hospital. There, goats and cattle were her favorite patients and she knew, one day, she would have her own pasture full! It wasn’t until a few years later that an opportunity took Renee and her #farmershusband all the way to Colorado, that she made her dream of starting a farm a reality. She hasn’t looked back since!

For show notes, including links mentioned in today’s episode, head on over to WildRoseFarmer.com

The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 84 – Livestock Guardian Dogs with Renee Woods