On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Michelle Johnsrude.

Michelle is a senior high science teacher from Chilliwack, BC. She is the proud granddaughter of dairy farmers in Abbotsford, BC. Michelle started teaching in 2006 and has always been passionate about gardening. She started an after-school garden club with a colleague, in collaboration with the University of the Fraser Valley, that eventually grew to become a course in the school timetable. She wanted to see a school garden established and kept working to find money and space for it.

Currently, the school garden has raised beds, a compost center, a native plant garden, as well as berry crops and fruit trees. She is super excited to be able to teach in the new greenhouse that was built in the summer of 2022. Collaboration is the key to this program; connections with UFV and educators at other Chilliwack schools, as well as Agriculture in the classroom and enthusiastic local farmers, have made all the difference in helping kids know how complex agriculture is and where their food comes from.

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[8:50] Starting a Garden Club at School

[15:00] Expanding During Growing Season 

[20:48] Working in Agriculture with Students

[25:40] Partnerships and Giving Back Within Their Community

[28:40] What the Future Looks Like for the Schools Programming

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