On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Simone Weinstein.

Simone made the leap from a classic 9-5 to self-employment when they joined Celeste at The Conscious Kitchen. They were working in sustainable food consulting and loved working with food entrepreneurs, but there was something missing. Their passion started early, climbing trees and studying snakes, and took them to study Environment & Business at the University of Waterloo and then to the non-profit world. Now working with their partner Celeste, they love being able to practice sustainability with each purchase from a local farm and to shape the direction of a business.

Simone’s favourite thing when helping entrepreneurs is to get grounded in the financials of a business. With a love for numbers and analytics, bookkeeping is something that brings them great joy! By making sense of the books, Simone strives to give business owners the knowledge and tools to build a business that supports the business owners, employees, and community. Their goal is to help build sustainable businesses that don’t lead to burnout, because they have seen it happen far too often!

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