On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Sherri Pauls.

Sherri Pauls was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada with half of her childhood living on a Mennonite colony in Mexico. Sherri was saved by grace and loves big. She married a 3rd gen farmer when she was 19 and 10 months later they had their first kid. Sherri has dedicated her life to helping people feel less alone in everything from mental health to being a married in farmer. Sherri acts first, and thinks later. Forgive big, and she says exactly what she’s thinking. 

For full show notes, including links mentioned in the show, head over to wildrosefarmer.com/191

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11:20 – Growing as an in-law over the years

20:21 – Advice for someone starting out in their in-law journey on the farm

21:15 – Setting boundaries with in-laws 

30:43 – Sharing stories online to help others

40:14 – The most rewarding part of being a rural woman for Sherri

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