On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Bridgette Readel.

Bridgette, farm kid extraordinaire, NDSU grad, and passionate agronomist is from Wishek ND and now lives in Hunter. She is a very active FFA alumnus and past state officer.  

Bridgette and her husband Randy, are both heavily involved in ag where he is a Dairyland Seed rep and she is semi-retired from a 25-year career with Corteva Agriscience. They are parents of two adult children who are mostly off the payroll. Although she graduated as a high school ag teacher, Bridgette is now busy teaching adults regarding production agriculture and truly enjoys sharing the bright and positive message of ag in North Dakota.  

Bridgette is the owner of Lilac Lane Media, a partner in the AgMafia and the Ag Director for WDAY radio/Flag Family Media.

For full show notes, including links mentioned in the show, head over to wildrosefarmer.com/195

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[02:21] Bridgette’s Background into Agriculture

[08:00] Agriculture Teacher to a Career as an Agronomist

[17:45] The Changing Roles and Increase of Women in Agriculture

[24:10] Using Social Media to Connect and Grow Your Opportunities

[31:00] The Most Rewarding Part of Being a Rural Woman for Bridgette

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