On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Diane McKenzie.

Diane McKenzie is a farmer from Warner, Alberta. She grew up in southern Alberta on a mixed-family farm and currently farms with her family – growing grain, feed, forage and Hereford cattle seed stock.

Diane’s research interest is rural women and their participation in the intergenerational transfer of the family farm. By actively farming with her families, she brings an insider view to asking questions about the inequities women and girls who farm are limited by.

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[08:00] Going Back to School as a “Mature Student”

[12:28] Research in Girls & Women in Agriculture

[21:39] Notable Areas of Growth in Women from Generation to Generation

[30:50] Repetitive Social Behaviours That Hold Women Back in Agriculture

[48:50] What’s Next for Diane

[52:50] Diane’s Most Rewarding Part of Being a Rural Woman

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