A charitable campaign aiming to bring agriculture together.

We live on big spreads and tiny homesteads, farms, ranches, and everywhere in between. Neighbours separated by barbed wire fences and gravel roads, divided by section lines and field boundaries. We are  wives and mothers, husbands and fathers, producers and consumers, held together by the threads of history and love.

Here, in these vast, wide-open places, we answer the call of caregiver to the land, the animals, and our families with open hearts and willing hands.

The miles of gravel and pavement between our homes can make the isolation of rural life feel insurmountable. Sometimes we struggle to reach out and ask for help, even though we never pause when one of our own needs our support.

We come together in times of crisis and in times of joy. We celebrate together when the markets are up and hold each other together when the world falls apart.

We support each other’s families from the sidelines and in the trenches.

We show up for each other; operating equipment, working cattle, cooking meals, and offering a shoulder to cry on when there is nothing else we can do.

We may get knocked down, but together we get back up and carry on. We are fighters, who never back down from a challenge or allow obstacles to stop us in our tracks.

When the going gets tough, we rally.  We rise from the ashes of heartbreak because this life is in our blood and is part of our soul. Though we are proud of our independence and our strength, we know that together, we can overcome challenges we can’t handle alone.


The Agriculture industry is like no other. Farmers and Ranchers are truly the eternal optimists. We work against the clock and the elements on a daily basis. We stand alone in our fields and come together in need. The Rally campaign was built for this purpose – To stand together and support one another. We are the faces of agriculture no matter the size of your operation. We stand united whether we’re conventional or organic, grass or grain finished, big Ag or small farm. We’re all in this together.

The Rally Campaign is a fundraising effort to provide funds for Agricultural organizations. Rally merchandise is sold through SHOP WildRoseFarmer with $4 from each purchase of Rally branded merchandise is donated to the chosen organization(s).

The Rally Campaign will run on a bi-annual basis with a new charitable organization(s) to donate to.


The goals of the Rally Campaign

  • Raise money and awareness for the selected Agricultural organizations
  • Stand together to help support those in need in Agriculture


To nominate a future agricultural charity/organization, please contact organizer Katelyn Duban at hello@wildrosefarmer.com

The Rally Campaign is currently supporting:

Bridge to Loveland Acres

Loveland Acres, a working farm with hands on agricultural programming for kids from the city to connect with kids in the country.

Nothing can replace being immersed in nature. Nothing can replace the value of learning animal husbandry and all that comes with it. Nothing can replace the value of knowing how to grow, produce, and preserve your own food. Plenty of adults are already lacking in these skills – happy to help there too, but our children? Our children deserve better! 

The reality is not all children are presented with the same opportunities, nor treated equally within opportunities.  We are here to change that while empowering each and every child that steps on this land through multifaceted agricultural programming based around them, their abilities, their interests, their needs, and the stories they bring with them.  

The foundations you give a child – in skills, diverse relationships, communication, etc. – directly impacts their adulthood. At Loveland Acres Farm you can help us raise a beautifully diverse future generation that believes in:
• Equity for all
• Food sovereignty 
• The importance of nuturing skills that sustain individuals and their communities
• Love and care of the natural world 
• Agriculture is meant for all to have access to and be a part of

What Loveland Acres Farm can achieve through your donation is:
• Transportation to bring kids from the city here to a tractor to manage fields
• The construction of a learning barn to fencing the land properly
• Diability access for wheelchairs to adaptive and kid friendly tools ensuring all can participate 
• More land for community gardens to an apiary and wildflower field trails
• Milking equipment and a stanchion for kid safe milking to an on farm poultry butchering set up 
• Chicken tractors and coops for all our Chickens & Littles chicks to books and other learning materials across a wide variety of representation 

These resources will give us the ability to provide programming such as: 
• Chickens & Littles – a home based hatching program where children and thier families go through the process to hatch chicks, name them, return them to the farm, and become invested in farming through their little flock
• Grow Pros – an on farm community garden program where kids can use a portion of the land to grow what they and their families will consume and learn how to preserve those foods for long term availability and use
• Tiny Herbalists – a program to share knowledge on a variety of herbs, how to grow them, preserve them, and use them in a variety of ways for health and wellness 
• Milk Masters – a program for kids interested in dairy animals, the care it takes to keep them healthy, how to milk, and how to create a variety of products from it
• Field Foragers – a program to teach safe foraging practices, easily recognizable plants, benefits of them, how to use them, and preserve them for health and wellness
• Meat Masters – a program for kids interested in raising livestock for meat, what it takes to keep them healthy, how to know when to harvest, and how to harvest themselves and/or set up the appointments for it to be done at a shop, as well as education in the importance of nose to tail consumption
• Wooly Wonders – a program to teach about raising sheep for fiber, the care it takes to keep them healthy, shearing the animals, and processing the wool into useable items 
• Little Chefs, Big Flavor – all the hard work of raising food on the farm culminates in this program where kids learn how to cook with the food they’ve raised and produced. From homemade pasta and cheese to sauces and meatballs, cooking from scratch offers invaluable life lessons

Let’s Build a Bridge to Loveland! Here’s to a future in farming where every child has a place in the field and a portion of the harvest.

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    Rally Campaign UNISEX Sweatshirt by WildRoseFarmer
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    Rally Campaign UNISEX Tank Top by WildRoseFarmer
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    RALLY Campaign Unisex T-Shirt by WildRoseFarmer

Previous Charities of The Rally Campaign


The vision of AgrAbility is to enhance quality of life for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers with disabilities, so that they, their families, and their communities continue to succeed in rural America. For this target audience, “success” may be defined by many parameters, including: gainful employment in production agriculture or a related occupation; access to appropriate assistive technology needed for work and daily living activities; evidence-based information related to the treatment and rehabilitation of disabling conditions; and targeted support for family caregivers of AgrAbility customers. AgrAbility addresses a wide variety of disabling conditions in agriculture.

The National AgrAbility Project is committed to helping military veterans who choose agriculture as their “Next Mission,” as well as beginning farmers with disabilities or other functional limitations.  

Since its establishment, the AgrAbility Program has provided services to agricultural workers with disabilities from many racial and cultural backgrounds. In 2014, with funding from USDA, the CHS Foundation, and the Farmer Veteran Coalition, two new staff members were hired to help the NAP significantly expand its outreach to several “special populations”:

The Do More Ag Foundation

Do More Ag is a not-for-profit organization focusing on mental health in agriculture across Canada. They are champions for the mental wellbeing of all Canadian producers and are changing the culture of Agriculture to one where all producers are encouraged, supported and empowered to take care of their mental wellbeing.

Money raised for the Do More Ag Foundation goes towards educating the Ag industry on mental health, breaking the stigma that currently exists, creating a community of belonging, support and resources, as well as ensuring research in this field can continue. 

Lifetime Funds Raised


as of 01/21

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To nominate a future agricultural charity/organization, please contact Katelyn at hello@wildrosefarmer.com

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