Young Living with WildRoseFarmer

Over a year ago, I started my journey into the world of essential oils. I took it slow, doing my research on the benefits and effects these oils had. I have to tell you, not only did I change the way I kept my home smelling fresh, but also the way I cleaned it as well as the products I used on my skin.

I chose Young Living Essential Oils due to their strict guidelines of refusing to use any synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers, or by using unethical production practices. I feel good knowing that I am supporting a company that is environmentally and socially responsible.

You get what you pay for! The quality of all the Young Living products are second to none. I really cannot say enough good things about Young Living.

And that’s why I wanted to share these products with you! Be sure to head over to My Young Living page to see my top recommendations for oils, cleaning products, and more. I will also be featuring recipes that I have created using my favourite essential oils + clean products (that you probably already have at home) on the first Wednesday of every month on my blog series What I Made Wednesday.

If you have any questions about Young Living, please feel free to contact me! I am always more than willing to share my exerience and help you along your own essential oil journey.